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uhlsport AQUAGRIP Bundle
uhlsport AQUAGRIP Bundle
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Grip rules – on the field as well as in our goalkeeper shop

Leaving aside personal qualities like aptitude and environmental conditions, goalkeeping comes down to one very central skill: The ability to catch and secure the ball. And if there is one central property that goalkeepers expect from their goalie gloves it is grip. Those who are dedicated to stop balls better, through all skill levels, be it youth team, hobby athlete or professional, think highly of uhlsport goalkeeper gloves. For decades into the past and up to this day, to many our goalkeeper gloves are those with the best grip on the market.

How does the glove get its grip?

Let's talk about material: One feature that gives our goalkeeper gloves their excellent quality, appreciated by athletes all over the world, is the adhesive foam of the palm. It largely consists of a latex mixture that contains a high proportion of natural latex. The milk of the rubber plant is processed to promote the natural qualities in a way that optimizes the adhesion. Small amounts of additives ensure best performance according to the usage of our different kinds of adhesive foams. This results in grip varieties that are either particularly durable and robust (our harder foam compositions) or excel in their adhesive characteristics (our soft foams). Especially the particles that are added to some of our foam compounds – made of rubber or graphite – account for very individual grip properties. By the way: All our adhesive foams are developed in Germany and our performance adhesive foams are also manufactured in Germany. Our whole range of different grips can be found in our goalkeeper shop. Choose the one which is most advantageous to you depending on the purpose, turf, weather and playing style:


This is our strongest grip for football on natural grass. This advanced and novel foam technology with "High Grip"- elements was developed specifically for supreme performance on soft turf. The composition of foam and grip elements ensure ultra-stong grip and long-term durability. With the uhlsport SUPERGRIP, Alphonse Areola became World Champion in 2018 and later played in the 1st Spanish League for Real Madrid. Odysseas Vlachodimos, Greek national goalkeeper and number one at Benfica Lisbon, and Anthony Lopes, national goalkeeper of Portugal and in goal at Olympique Lyon, also rely on the SUPERGRIP.

With the PURE ALLIANCE collection, we have introduced SUPERGRIP+, an even more extreme grip composition. The colorant-free natural latex and an improved formula for the adhesive foam make this grip variety our top-of-the line product for discerning goalkeepers. In the first Bundesliga, it is Lukas Hradecky of Bayer 04 Leverkusen, among others, who holds up superbly with our strongest grip, and Alexander Schwolow of Hertha BSC Berlin and Ron-Robert Zieler, the 2014 World Champion, at 1. FC Köln also rely on our top models.

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Our all-rounder was designed to perform excellently on natural grass and at the same time show superior durability on artificial turf and indoors. It's the ideal choice for dry weather but it will perform exceedingly well in wet conditions, too, outperforming many other goalkeeper gloves. Countless amateur footballers and goalkeepers from the amateur leagues rely on our versatile grip. And it is equally popular with professionals from the first Bundesliga:

Oliver Baumann from TSG 1899 Hoffenheim plays with the ABSOLUTGRIP every day in training and on match days. The winner of the Europa League 2020, Yassine Bounou from Sevilla FC, is also convinced by the ABSOLUTGRIP in his La Liga games. Absolutely.

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When it comes to goalkeeping in rain and wet conditions, nothing can beat the uhlsport AQUAGRIP gloves. Our innovative AQUAGRIP foam has everything that's needed to perform at top level: Aqua additives that ensure maximum adhesion even with wet gloves and our proven "High Grip" elements for superior ball control. This way, even if the weather changes during the game, you will always play at your top efficiency. After all, there are days when you start the match in pouring rain and finish it in bright sunshine. No matter what, everything is under control with AQUAGRIP.

But if the forecast makes it seem you're going to be in goal in drizzle or downpour for 90 minutes straight, we have something that will help you keep a clean sheet for your team. Our goalkeeping gloves for seriously drenched environments use the patented AQUASOFT foam. The aqua additives are activated when they come in contact with water and give the foam outstanding grip properties. No slippery water film on the palm will keep you from your goalkeeping to your best abilities. All uhlsport AQUASOFT gloves are easily recognizable in the goalkeeper shop by their unique, eye-catching colour: AQUASOFT blue!

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Our soft foams for our goalkeeper gloves come in three varieties. They differ in the balance between gip and durability. As a rule of thumb it can be said that the more voluminous and softer foams provide better grip, however, they tend to be less resistant to abrasion. Harder foams are also hard-wearing, nevertheless the grip is not quite as high as with the super-soft foams. In short: The softer the foam, the better the grip and the harder the foam, the better the resilience. Which one to choose depends on factors like preference and your personal style of goalkeeping. You can decide for yourself what is most important to you and then go for the kind of foam that best meets your needs. In the goalkeeper shop you will find all types: SUPERSOFT, SOFT or STARTERSOFT.

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Playing on hard surfaces, indoors or artificial turf, is challenging and demands everything from a goalie's body. Your goalkeeper gloves are no different. We at uhlsport have understood the need for extremely resilient, hard-wearing foams and have developed a new latex generation especially for artificial turf, dirt fields and indoor football. It contains so-called RES particles (for "resist"), which make the foam particularly resistant against abrasion. If you look at the palm of these uhlsport goalkeeper gloves, you can easily detect them: Tiny flecks of robust graphite particles.

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Grip quality also depends on care

Make sure that the grip quality you have bought from our goalkeeper shop stays with you for as long as possible. Prior to the first game, you should rinse your new gloves completely in clear water, squeeze the water out, beginning at the fingers and working down to the cuff, and then let them dry (not in the sun or on the heater!). This activates the foam - and thus the grip. We also recommend washing the gloves again after the game. Letting the dirt dry on the glove and work its way into the foam will destroy the grip. And the worst thing that could happen to you as a goalie is grasping the ball – and then feeling it slip through your hands. So: care well, Catch better!

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