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uhlsport SOFT – the perfect balance between grip and endurance

This is the perfect balance between adhesive capabilities and durability of the grip: uhlsport Goalkeeper gloves with SOFT Grip. Soft foams have great grip qualities. But in general, the more compact an andhesive foam, the better its abrasion resistance. In this respect, the uhlsport SOFT Grip shows the ideal balance between those two features, having superior grip as well as excellent robustness. Goalkeeper gloves with SOFT Grip give a pleasant cushioning to the palm, have impressive ahesive qualities and are still strikingly resistant against abrasion

SOFT Grips – higher volume for more adhesion

Decisive characteristics of the quality of an adhesive foam are basically its adhesion and its durability. Strong adhesion is usually accompanied by a soft, voluminous grip. Durability increases with harder and more compact adhesive foams. It's a critical endeavor to find the perfect balance between these extremes. Because of this, uhlsport SOFT adhesive foams are available in different variations based on the SOFT grip. This means that every goalkeeper - depending on age, athletic level and personal preferences - can find the right foam composition for him or her. In the uhlsport shop you can choose between durable STARTER SOFT goalkeeper gloves for children and beginners or very soft SUPERSOFT goalkeeper gloves, which are also used by international professional goalkeepers.

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