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uhlsport SUPERGRIP+ – das neuste Upgrade für Profi Torwarthandschuhe

uhlsport SUPERGRIP+ – the latest upgrade for professional goalkeeper gloves

uhlsport goalkeeper gloves with SUPERGRIP+ set a new standard in the development of professional goalkeeping equipment. A revised grip composition gives the adhesive foam even more gripping power in all weather conditions. Extra "High Grip" particles and the uncoloured natural latex improve performance. This is the maximum of grip possible. In the uhlsport shop you can find the PURE ALLIANCE goalkeeper gloves, which is the first collection to be created exclusively with SUPERGRIP+ models, and other SMU special editions with uhlsport SUPERGRIP+.

SUPERGRIP+ high grip performance – made in Germany

Based on the proven SUPERGRIP adhesive foam, the new SUPERGRIP+ is a new evolutionary step in the development of goalkeeper gloves, especially in the composition of its individual components. First thing to notice ist the uncoloured natural latex that doesn't contain any colorants to achieve maximal grip. Additional black "high grip" particles are integrated into the palm, which literally make the ball stick to the hand. The foam was optimized by our development team over several test phases and we are proud to say that SUPERGRIP+ is produced in Germany – in compliance with our high standards and with a focus on the requirements of modern goalkeeping.

The best grip for goalkeeper gloves - so it lasts even longer

uhlsport SUPERGRIP+ goalkeeper gloves are ideally suited for regular use on grass fields. The improved composition of the adhesive foam and the integrated "High Grip" particles make the palm highly sensitive. The smooth foam is therefore particularly durable on soft grass turf. Of course, you can also wear the gloves on other surfaces, but then you should make sure to minimise ground contact and friction on abrasive surfaces. In other words, good goalkeeping technique is even more important!

Especially with a professional grip like the SUPERGRIP+, care for goalkeeper gloves is essential in order to get the best performance possible from the material for as long and as constantly as possible. Before the first use in training, the last production residues should be washed out of the adhesive foam. The gloves should then be washed after each session – with or without goalkeeper glove cleaner, depending on the degree of soiling. This makes the SUPERGRIP+ more durable and you can always perform at your best.

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