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uhlsport ABSOLUTGRIP – one of the most popular grips among professional goalkeepers

Our uhlsport ABSOLUTGRIP is tried and tested and has been entrenched in our grip portfolio for ages. And that's not a mere happenstance. Besides the uhlsport SUPERGRIP+ and the uhlsport SUPERGRIP, the ABSOLUTGRIP is still one of the most popular adhesive foams among international uhlsquad professionals and outperforms regular adhesive foams from other manufacturers by far. The best example: Oliver Baumann. As the number 1 of TSG Hoffenheim, Oli has trusted in his ABSOLUTGRIP for years and has made it into the German national team thanks to his consistently good performances between the posts!

The professional grip for all goalkeepers – made in Germany

The uhlsport ABSOLUTGRIP is our absolute all-rounder. Whether on natural grass, artificial turf, on a hard court or indoors, whether in the sun, rain or snow - the grip scores. The particularly high-quality natural latex gives the Grip its exceptional performance and long durability. To live up to the high expectations set by ourselves, the adhesive foam is not only designed by our experts at the German headquarters, but it is produced in Germany as well. This is the standard for all of the uhlsport performance grips, after all. That is why goalkeepers from the German Bundesliga to the lower district leagues and in all age groups rely on this professional grip for goalkeeper gloves. In our uhlsport shop you will find ABSOLUTGRIP goalkeeper gloves in combination with different cuts (e.g. REFLEX CUT or HALF NEGATIVE CUT) and finger protection elements (e.g. FLEX FRAME CARBON).

Insider tip: This is how the ABSOLUTGRIP gets even better

To keep your uhlsport ABSOLUTGRIP goalkeeper gloves at their top performance for the longest time possible, regular care is mandatory, as well as preparation for games and training. We recommend washing out your gloves thoroughly before the first use and after every subsequent use. Don't allow fresh dirt to settle down on your gloves. It will destroy the adhesive foam. Instead, they should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Our extra tip before every match: Moisten your ABSOLUTGRIP early on match day and store the gloves in a bag suitable for goalkeeper gloves (e.g. the GK GLOVE BAG). The glove holds the moisture and is ready for the game with its maximum adhesive power.

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