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Soft Resist

uhlsport SOFT RESIST – goalkeeper gloves for artificial turf with soft grip

Our SOFT RESIST goalkeeper gloves have palms with soft, voluminous latex that is remarkably resistant against abrasion, perfect for goalkeeping on artificial turf or indoors. We integrated fine graphite particles into our latex composition to make this grip enduring and long lasting. Supreme adhesion meets impressive durability. These gloves won't leave you - even on hard, abrasive ground.

The RESIST collection – for artificial grass, for indoor use and for every type of hard surface

To the two questions Which goalkeeper gloves are best for artificial grass? And which ones for indoor use? We have one answer: the uhlsport RESIST models. The foam composition of these gloves is optimized for hard surfaces to ensure the longest possible durability. You can choose between the uhlsport SOFT RESIST goalkeeper gloves with soft adhesive foam and the uhlsport SUPER RESIST goalkeeper gloves, our professional version with even more abrasion resistance and grip performance. By the way, you can complete your outfit for the artificial grass or indoor pitch with our specially developed and resistant goalkeeper functional underwear, which you can also buy here in the uhlsport shop.

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