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uhlsport AQUASOFT – the anti-slip goalkeeper glove grip for wet conditions

When it's coming down in buckets or drizzling, when the grass is soaking wet, when the rain is running down your face in little streams, then the AQUASOFT adhesive foam is exactly what you need. Optimised for wet weather conditions, you can rely on your rain goalkeeper gloves with AQUASOFT grip. When the ball is coming in, there's no need to be afraid that it will slip through your hands. Our goalie gloves with AQUASOFT foam develop their superior grip qualities only after they have come into contact with water. You can be confident to have a strong hold on the ball, no matter if it's raining or pouring.

No water film on the palm with AQUASOFT

The uhlsport AQUASOFT goalkeeper gloves have one thing in common with the AQUAGRIP: Their bright aqua-blue color that makes them stand out and easily recognizable. But on closer inspection you will notice that the AQUASOFT material is lacking the black "High Grip" particles in the foam. This is because the AQUASOFT Grip was developed specifically with another feature in focus: thanks to the special AQUA additives, the gloves are water-repellent. Water simply drips off the palm, a slippery water film is prevented. This keeps the adhesive foam grippy, the ball can be secured safely and won't slip off. So one leads to another:  Water film prevented,  slipping prevented, goal prevented..

Completely AQUA – rain goalkeeper gloves, rain jackets for goalkeepers and more

Especially for training in the rain, it's not only the goalkeeper gloves that matter. You need to stay as dry and warm as possible, to retain your agility and speed. Equip with the uhlsport AQUA series, ranging from rain goalkeeper gloves to special rainwear for goalkeepers. If you are not sure whether an AQUASOFT glove or rain goalkeeping equipment in general is the right choice for you, you can find 5 reasons why you should trust in AQUA in the rain on the uhlsport blog.

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