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Shin Pads

Fußball Schienbeinschoner für Kinder und Erwachsene

Football shin pads for children and adults

Nobody would want to go without them: shin pads. No matter what league you're in or what youth team your kid plays in, they're mandatory. Besides football shoes, shin guards are the only football-specific item that every male and female football player has to wear during the game. So they should also meet your or your child's specific requirements: Shin guards should be protective, comfortable and non-slip – not annoying. To ensure this, we have a wide selection of uhlsport shin pads. In the official uhlsport store you can find football shin pads for kids and adults, shin pads with sleeves and shin pads with ankle protection.

The best uhlsport shin guards to protect your kids 

To us, shin guards are a must for children – in training and in the game! Because tackles, fouls and slides will always be a part of football. Especially at youth level, young football players should be protected from painful collisions and injuries. For children, shin guards with ankle protection and velcro closure are recommended. They are holding tight on the leg, yet they are comfortable without limiting freedom of movement. The integrated protection plate absorbs any shocks and protects the shins. For your child or teen you can always rely on the uhlsport shin guards, available in our shop.

Shin pads with or without ankle protection – in the uhlsport shop

In the past, one would not even ask whether to buy their shin pads with or without ankle protection: The strap under the heel and the reinforced ankle area were standard. When mechanics and techniques in football became gradually more dynamic, it demanded greater flexibility in the ankle joints. Admittedly: While shin pads with ankle protection stabilize the foot, they marginally take away mobility in return, although wearing comfort is not affected. Nevertheless, teens and adults tend to choose sleeves with slip-in shin pads. In the end, it's a matter of preference which one to use. You can buy shin pads with ankle protection and slip-in shin pads in the uhlsport shop.

The uhlsport technology: FLEX, BIONIKSHIELD, TUBE IT TAPE and more

Everything evolves, including uhlsport shin guards. The latest model, the uhlsport CROSSFLEX, consists of ultra-light pads with integrated dots to ensure proper ventilation, which are slipped into elastic compression socks. The technology of uhlsport BIONIKSHIELD shin guards is based on a bionic plate structure with flex lines on the inside. The days of heavy shin guards that weight down the legs are over!

A not-so-secret insider tip: If the shin pad is still slipping, even in spite of velcro or sleeve, it can easily be fixed with our innovative TUBE IT TAPE – self-adhesive and guaranteed slip-proof.