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Deine komplette Fußballausrüstung von uhlsport

Your complete football equipment by uhlsport

Besides the right goalkeeper clothing and the right club uniform for your team, the football equipment for training is elementary for good results. If you want to train effectively, you need quality material. In the uhlsport shop, we offer you a large selection to equip yourself and your team. Whether for children or adults – you get the full range of football equipment, premium quality and entirely made by uhlsport:

Professional goalkeeper equipment for the number 1

The equipment for goalkeepers differs from the equipment of a field player. And it's not only about the gloves, but there is also special training equipment for goalkeepers, and there are goalkeeper glove cleaners and protective gear with elbow and knee pads. We have also developed optimized goalkeeper bags tailored to the specific needs of goalkeepers.

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Innovative footballs for match and training

There's no football without a ball. Our uhlsport footballs are state-of-the-art and a result of decades of experience. Not without reason we are the manufacturer of the official match ball of the first French league, the Ligue1. At our uhlsport shop you get match balls, training balls, lightweight footballs for children and youth teams, footballs in different sizes and also irregular shaped training balls for goalkeepers.

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Protective shin guards for children and adults

The uhlsport shin guards combine safety and flexibility. Depending on what is important for you or your child, you have the choice between different models: with ankle protection, without ankle protection, with velcro, with sleeve and with removable plate. All shin guards are available in different sizes for children and adults.

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Self-adhesive sock tape

With the invention of our self-adhesive TUBE IT TAPE, the days of masking tape are over. Our sock tape fixes your shin guards and secures your socks. It contains no glue and leaves no sticky residue, so it is especially gentle on the socks. Of course, you get your sock tape in several colors, matching the sock color.

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Sports bags and backpacks in different sizes

Our uhlsport sports bags are available in different colors and sizes, with a large shoe compartment or with several side pockets. If you prefer a backpack, you will also find a selection of different models here. For goalkeepers, we have developed handy goalkeeper glove bags that ensure that the gloves don't get tossed around in the sports bag and are thus protected from damage.

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Various football accessories for training

Often, it's the little things that make football equipment complete. With our football training accessories, you'll find everything you and your team need - from needle valves and ball sacks through water bottles and blankets to field player gloves and warm beanies.

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