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uhlsport footballs for you and your team

Most people who play football seem to have been dribbling a ball before they were even able to walk. Hardly anything is more sacred to footballers, young and old, than their beloved leather. If you are looking to buy a football for yourself or your team, you have come to the right place. In our footballs category you can get exactly the football you or your team need:

The perfect football for children

Ball skills develop especially at an early age. Children learn the basic motor skills such as passing, stopping and shooting in the lower youth teams - tactics will come later. Especially young children benefit from age-appropriate training equipment for their first dribblings and their first shots to support them in the development of their abilities. That's why we have especially lightweight soccer balls for youth players, such as the 290 ULTRA LITE SYNERGY, which weighs only 290 grams and is available in sizes 3 (recommended), 4 and 5. For middle-age youth teams, we recommend a 350g lightweight size 4 ball like the 350 LITE SYNERGY. For older youth teams and for seniors, standard size 5 footballs are recommended. Whether you are looking for a lightweight football, a size 3 football, a size 4 football or a size 5 football, you will find what you are looking for in our uhlsport shop.

The best training football for any team

Many teams choose to use different balls in games and training. Training balls are exposed to excessive strain in several training sessions per week, which brings more wear and tear. So they must be purchased in large quantities for the entire team, which is why a cheap soccer ball is often chosen for the sessions. The uhlsport training balls are all have optimal playing characteristics and perfect roundness. In the uhlsport shop you will find different models in different sizes, colors and weight classes - the right one for every age group and every team.

Play like in the professional leagues with a uhlsport match ball

In the game, someting a bit more sophisticated is advisable. The uhlsport match balls, for example, feature special panel constructions and thermally bonded seams (Thermobonding technology) and are FIFA Quality Pro certified. We at uhlsport know what we are talking about because we are e.g. the manufacturer of the official match balls for the Northern Ireland Football League and the croatian HNL.

In our uhlsport shop you can choose according to your needs and either buy a new uhlsport match ball or buy a new uhlsport training ball.

Latest technology, specialized balls and accessories

What used to be simple rubber bladders with a leather cover are technological masterpieces today. uhlsport footballs now have seamless surface structures thanks to thermobonding technology with thermally bonded seams. The material, polyurtehane with an additional foam layer, ensures optimum rebound and our "High-Air Retention" bladder promises minimal pressure loss. All together stands for excellent playing characteristics of uhlsport footballs.

You can also find additional convenient equipment for your new soccer ball in the uhlsport shop in the soccer balls category, such as an air pump, valve needles and a large ball bag for 12 balls. For goalkeepers we have a very special goalkeeper training ball, the irregular shaped uhlsport BLACK EDITION REFLEXBALL, which can not only be used to train your reflexes and motor skills, but also to have a lot of fun.