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Fits, stays, lasts: your perfect goalkeeper glove cut

While grip is about how well you can hold balls and frame is about how well your hands are protected, cut is about how well your uhlsport goalkeeper gloves fit.

Every goalkeeper has his own wishes and ideas. You will find a model for every preference in the uhlsport goalkeeper glove shop. Basically, the closer the cut, the more precise the feel for the ball, but also the smaller the catching surface. If the material encloses your fingers more tightly, the entire glove appears more compact. Conversely, the wider the cut, the larger your catching surface. Your glove then forms almost a continuous surface when your fingers are put together. In this way, the individual cut can support your own goalkeeping game.

Here we present the different cuts that you should know if you want to buy goalkeeper gloves:


This classic cut, also known as REGULAR CUT because of its standard shape, used to be typical of most goalkeeper gloves. You have a palm side and a top side that are sewn together with side breathable inserts. Such an outseam construction has the great advantage of maximising the palm. This increased ball contact area automatically increases your catching safety. Is the CLASSIC CUT still modern? Of course it is! Do you know Oliver Baumann? That's the goalkeeper of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, professional since 2009. He swears by the uhlsport CLASSIC CUT! However, in a custom-made version, as we produce them for our professional goalkeepers on request – and as they are of course not available in the goalkeeper shop: Oliver once had a finger injury and since then he has taped the little and ring finger of his right hand together for safety reasons. Especially for this reason, his right uhlsport goalkeeper glove has only 4 matching finger elements in the CLASSIC CUT.

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The constructional counterpart to the CLASSIC CUT is the REFLEX CUT. Here you opt for a skin-tight fit. The material of the backhand is sewn to the palm side from the inside. In this way, the goalkeeper glove replicates the fingers for a close fit. With these gloves, you feel a more direct grip on the ball and can control balls to the maximum. We find that this cut in the uhlsport goalkeeper glove shop is particularly suitable for larger hands. After all, you have a naturally larger catching surface.

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Similar to the REFLEX CUT, this cut is also close-fitting - and yet it has a completely different effect when playing as a goalkeeper: with the HALF NEGATIVE CUT (also known as HN CUT for short), we also use an inseam construction, which however gives all finger elements a more dynamic cut. With these uhlsport goalkeeper gloves, you get a tighter fit with optimal ball control and a large catching surface. The HALF NEGATIVE CUT is one of the most popular cuts in the entire uhlsport range. Goalkeepers from the district league to the first national league swear by their HN CUT. That's why we have this cut in the uhlsport shop in a particularly large number of colour combinations for you.

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The TIGHT HN CUT adopts the basic construction of the HN CUT with its dynamic inseam construction. The difference: it is even a little tighter, as the name suggests. Why did we introduce this cut in the first place? Because not every goalkeeper has big hands as big as frying pans. Special goalkeeper gloves for women should be adapted for petite hands, i.e. they should also fit tightly accordingly. The same applies, of course, to delicate children's or men's hands. The TIGHT HN CUT is the ideal solution for this.

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With this cut technology, we combine the advantages of inseam and outseam construction. Used in most places, the inseam provides a close fit. For even better ergonomics, we use external seams in certain places. The result is uhlsport goalkeeper gloves that fit perfectly and offer maximum grip thanks to the enlarged palm. Compromises don't always lead to great results. But with the FINGER SURROUND CUT, we have managed to bring gloves to our uhlsport goalkeeper shop that have great all-round capabilities.

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This cut catches the eye immediately: uhlsport goalkeeper gloves with the ROLLFINGER CUT can be recognised immediately by the flat finger surface and the semi-circular high sewn inner surface. This inner part of the goalkeeper glove is completely equipped with 100% grip. The outer seams are sewn together to create a construction that combines as much grip and ergonomic fit as possible with a fairly large catching surface. Go to the uhlsport goalkeeper glove shop and choose a model with ROLLFINGER CUT – and compare it to models with other cut technologies. Which pair suits your preferences best? Buy these goalkeeper gloves – and enjoy them!

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360° CUT

The 360° CUT is a popular special design among uhlsport goalkeeper gloves. It looks a bit like a combination of CLASSIC CUT and inverted ROLLFINGER CUT. Its seams are sewn on the outside, which makes the catching surface nice and large, and thanks to a few little tricks when sewing, it is super flexible. Alphonse Areola regularly plays with a 360° CUT in the English Premiere League and Anthony Lopes from Olympique Lyon also doesn't go into goal without his all-round grip.

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Special Cuts

Let's face it: our uhlsquad professionals enjoy a special status. They play under high pressure in the best European leagues, compete for international titles and sometimes win the World Cup. In order to always be able to call up top performances, we therefore tailor their uhlsport goalkeeper gloves on request. In close consultation with the goalkeeper, we develop special solutions, which we implement with meticulous craftsmanship to the millimetre. Fingers sewn together? A new foam-cut combination? No problem at uhlsport. And every now and then individual models of professional keepers find their way into our goalkeeper shop. So you too can buy uhlsport special cuts - with the handmade finishes of our pros.

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