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Finger Protection

Finger protection with frame technology – the protection you will find in the goalkeeper glove shop

Some call it goalkeeper gloves with finger protection, others call it goalkeeper gloves with fingersave. We call it BIONIKFRAME, SUPPORTFRAME and FLEX FRAME. Whether these are the better terms or not, isn't important. What matters is the protection you get for your hand and fingers with uhlsport frame technologies. In short: Exactly the protection you need for your personal style of goalkeeping!

A goalkeeper's career can abruptly come to an end with a hand injury. Unfortunately, sprained or broken digits are common with goalkeepers. It is a matter of technique and training how well the fingers can withstand the force of an incoming ball at high speed. And, additionally, it sometimes is simply a matter of the personal structure of tendons and tissue of the hands. If in doubt, using goalkeeper gloves with protection for the fingers is a wise choice. Especially to parents it is crucial that children's hands and fingers are well-protected by their goalkeeper gloves. We, too, consider this important and therefore, at uhlsport you can also get goalkeeper gloves for kids with protection, equipped with our SUPPORTFRAME. But for beginners and hobby kickers goalkeeper gloves with a frame are a very beneficial piece of equipment as well. Protect your fingers with our innovative frame technologies that you can buy with uhlsport goalkeeper gloves.

In the uhlsport shop you can choose between our different frame concepts for goalkeeper gloves with finger protection:


Our FLEX FRAME technology was developed to provide both stability to the digits and to allow utmost mobility. It's no longer necessary to choose either safety or speed, dexterity and precision, not with FLEX FRAME finger protection. This advanced frame technology offers the greatest flexibility possible with maximum support at the same time.

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Extremely lightweigt, effective stabilization. The new FLEX FRAME CARBON with its innovative construction is barely noticeable – until you need it. The carbon reinforced fibers provide extreme strength with the least weight possible to ensure you can play at your maximum agility, to secure even the fastest, hardest shots with confidence.

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When you look at our strongest finger protection, you think of films like Robocop or Terminator. It's like putting on a kind of protective armour with the uhlsport goalkeeper glove – but one that is totally flexible and comfortable. With the SUPPORTFRAME you feel totally safe in every situation. No matter how hard the opponent shoots – you are protected. The SUPPORTFRAME, which you will find with our goalkeeper gloves for children and beginners in the goalkeeper shop, offers optimal stabilisation. Its hinge-like finger construction protects effectively and at the same time supports the natural movement ergonomics of your hand.

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The SUPPORTFRAME is also available with an additional thumb element. At uhlsport, we have developed our finger and thumb stabilisation system in such a way that you gain stability, yet you aren't hindered in your catching movements

The anatomical shape and lightweight construction of the uhlsport goalkeeper glove takes the strain off your hand. You get to use your strength in an optimal way and perfectly catch and secure even the most forcefully shot balls. This is achieved by the integrated backhand plate, which is supplemented with the thumb protector in the SUPPORTFRAME+.

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