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Goalkeeper Socks

Goalkeeper socks by uhlsport

If you haven't thought about buying goalkeeper socks yet, you really should now, because our goalkeeper socks have a special feature you don'twant to miss. In addition to the large selection of football socks for players, we also have goalkeeper socks in the uhlsport shop that are optimized for goalkeepers. All our sock models impress with pleasantly supple materials and high wearing comfort, mesh inserts for good ventilation, anatomically adjusted fits for the right and left foot as well as compression areas on the foot – and the special socks for goalkeepers have even more to offer.

What is the difference between goalkeeper socks and football socks for players?

A legitimate question. Because at first glance, each football sock is suitable for goalkeepers as well. This is also perfectly correct and fine, we have nevertheless further developed the socks for goalkeepers to make life easier for every number 1. The special feature of the uhlsport goalkeeper socks are the silicone areas inside the opening. These give extra support and fix the socks below the knee. Why all this? Simple: if a sock slips down, it's not always easy for a goalkeeper to pull it back up without taking off his gloves. For this purpose, individual models like the BLACK EDITION GK SOCKS have a reinforced knee zone with padding and an anti-slip zone on the sole of the foot. This gives additional protection and safety.