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uhlsport SUPPORTFRAME – goalkeeper gloves with finger protection and integrated backhand plate

Goalkeeper gloves with uhlsport SUPPORTFRAME do exactly what their name says: They give support. The protective elements are constructed in a manner that follows the ergonomics of the hand. This way, the finger spines provide utmost saftey, yet the natural flexibility of the hand remains. With the SUPPORTFRAME the protected area is expanded from the fingers to the back of the hand. All four finger spines are connected with an integrated backhand plate that ensures improved shock absorption and even distribution of force, even with the most powerful shots.

uhlsport SUPPORTFRAME+ – complete finger protection for goalkeeper gloves

The uhlsport SUPPORTFRAME+ technology for goalkeeper gloves is a spin-off of the SUPPORTFRAME for those who want extra safety and extra protection in their goalie gloves. It protects all five fingers of the hand. The SUPPORTFRAME+ holds an additional protective element for the thumb that is detached from the basic construction. This allows the gloves to retain their flexibility and offer complete 5-finger protection.

Protection and safety for every goalkeeper and every style of goalkeeping

Whether a goalkeeper glove should or should not have finger protection is a very personal decision. A lot of individual factors have to be taken into consideration, and the choice should always fall on that particular goalie glove that meets all requirements in the best way possible. We want to give each goalkeeper who selects a goalie glove with frame technologie the possibility to develop his goalkeeping technique unrestricted and unaffected. Therefore, the materials of his equipment should match his needs. For this reason we offer three different varieties of frame technologies in our shop. In addition to the uhlsport SUPPORTFRAME, there's the uhlsport FLEX FRAME, a particularly light and flexible technology, and the uhlsport BIONIKFRAME, which is based on the bionic structure of the human body. All of them offer reliable combinations of safety and flexibility in varying proportions. You have to decide for yourself which technology supports you best.