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uhlsport POWERLINE - The Goalkeeper Glove Collection 2023/24

In your game, there's that one line that must not be crossed. That one line you must defend at all costs. That one line decides victory or defeat. That line is the "POWERLINE."
Discover the uhlsport POWERLINE collection. It's a revolutionary combination of excellent grip, ultimate flexibility, and perfect fit. We've developed sophisticated features to provide your inner strength, self-confidence, and determination with the best possible equipment. With the POWERLINE glove, you're ready to dominate the game.

POWERLINE - More Than Just a Goalkeeper Glove

The POWERLINE collection embodies the principles of strength, sovereignty, resilience, and determination. To emphasize your strengths, we've developed a glove that is more powerful than ever before. Discover the outstanding features of the POWERLINE goalkeeper gloves:


With POWERLINE gloves, you're closer to the action. With the 3D FLEX and ULTIMATE CONTACT technologies, we guarantee maximum flexibility and an increased ball contact area. The special 3D embossing of the latex foam promotes mobility, while the foam wraps around the edge of the hand, enlarging the ball contact area. The foam extends up the inside of the index finger and little finger, giving you maximum grip when catching. No matter how the ball comes towards the goal, you're in control.

SUPERGRIP+ and ABSOLUTGRIP - High-Performance Latex Foams

For maximum performance in all conditions, we offer you two of the best performance latex foams on the market with the POWERLINE collection. The SUPERGRIP+, a high-performance foam with ultimate grip, provides maximum adhesion and ball control. The color-neutral natural latex, combined with special adhesive particles, offers reliable grip in both dry and wet conditions. The ABSOLUTGRIP, the all-rounder among high-performance foams, offers you the optimal balance between excellent grip and abrasion resistance. It showcases its full potential in dry weather but won't let you down in wet conditions. With this grip, you're prepared for every situation.

SUPERSOFT - Perfect Grip at a Super Price

For beginners and ambitious amateur players, we've developed the SOFT family. With the right balance between grip and abrasion resistance, the SUPERSOFT foam provides excellent grip. Choose SUPERSOFT if you're looking for the best possible grip within a moderate budget.

POWERLINE FLEX HN - High-Performance at the Highest Level

The new POWERLINE FLEX HN offers maximum flexibility in the glove body thanks to the cut in the palm. It guarantees the best of both worlds in every situation by combining our two performance latex foams, Supergrip+ and Absolutgrip. The FLEX CUT is based on the HALF NEGATIVE CUT and provides a comfortably tight fit with partially internally processed seams. This promises optimal ball control with exceptional comfort.

AIRPRENE - Maximum Functionality with Extraordinary Comfort

The upper hand of the POWERLINE professional models is made of perforated, breathable carrier material. The perforation ensures maximum air circulation, resulting in the highest functionality with extraordinary comfort.

FLEX ENTRY and DUAL FIX SYSTEM - Unparalleled Comfort and Stability

Thanks to the elastic opening and our innovative closure technology, the DUAL FIX SYSTEM, you'll experience a new level of comfort. The material smoothly wraps around the wrist, allowing perfect flexibility during wear. The wing-like structure ensures optimal fixation of the glove, providing maximum flexibility and stability. The ends of the closure straps, along with an additional strap at the cuff, facilitate both opening and closing as well as putting on the glove.

REBOUND ZONE (MADE OF SILICONE) - Maximum Flexibility and Control

With the REBOUND ZONE, a functional zone with silicone applications in the area of the fist, the POWERLINE glove guarantees maximum flexibility and the highest level of control in all situations. This zone enhances your ability to effectively and precisely fend off the ball, giving you unparalleled control.

POWERLINE - The Glove That Changes the Game

The uhlsport POWERLINE collection is more than just a goalkeeper glove; it's a statement. It highlights your inner strength and determination to defend your POWERLINE at all costs. It's the ultimate tool for you to give your best, to dominate the game. Let the innovative technology and stunning design of the POWERLINE glove convince you and make a difference on the field.

Trust uhlsport, the brand respected by professionals and amateurs alike.

Discover the new POWERLINE collection now and experience the game in a new way. Make a difference. Show your power. Defend your line with uhlsport POWERLINE goalkeeper gloves!