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Goalkeeper clothing by uhlsport

Looking good is not enough: When it comes to goalkeeper's clothing, functionality stands above everything else. A goalkeeper has other demands on his aparell than field players, different aspects play an important role. After all, goalkeepes have a position in the game that requires different behavior from them as well. Their movements vary greatly from those of their team mates. They jump more often and they fall more often, hurling themselves in front of every ball. They use not only their legs, but their arms and hands as well. Their knees, elbows and their hip area are neuralgic points where the body and garments are subjected to a lot of stress in football. Goalkeeper's clothing has to reflect these specific needs and the high demands regarding durability and protection. We at uhlsport have been goalkeeping professionals for decades. We know what's important to goalkeepers, we know what they want in their clothing and in their goalkeeping gloves. The result of this experience can be found in our goalkeeper shop.

In the uhlsport shop you will find exactly what you need for your goalkeeping:

Goalkeeper jerseys, goalkeepeer sets consisting of baselayer, long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, long or short uhlsport goalkeeper pants, and of course the entire protective clothing consisting of specially padded and reinforced shirts and shorts, elbow and knee pads. But besides the appropriateness, the design has to be consistent. To us, it is especially impotant that every uhlsport goalkeeper finds clothing that either visually matches our top gloves or is designed to closely resemble the players' jerseys in style and make. In addition, there are special rules for goalkeeper clothing. For example, overlapping seams must be avoided, and drawstrings on the goalkeeper shirt, goalkeeper pants or goalkeeper jersey are not allowed.

Customise your goalkeeper clothing

At uhlsport you can now have your desired garments individually customized in our goalkeeper shop! You can have your club name printed – the club emblem or club logo are also possible on goalkeeper shirts or jerseys ( short-sleeved or long-sleeved). Simply upload the file in the shop and you're done. You can also choose a specific shirt number, a player name and even the sponsor logo. Until now, for such individualisations the clothing had to be taken to a print shop by the clubs - what an annoying additional work. Now you can do this easily when ordering in our goalkeeper shop.