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HYPERACT goalkeeper gloves | Official uhlsport store

WHY are you here?

Have you ever asked yourself – why? Of course not. But every answer to a why will make you improve.
Why football? Why goalkeeper? Why are you someone special? In our usual everyday life, we take a lot of things for granted. Training, regeneration, training, regeneration, match, regeneration – and all over again. Only when this routine is interrupted we realise what counts. And the more we think about it, the more we understand why we love being a goalkeeper.

WHY do you need reliability?

Ask yourself: Why did you let them persuade you at some point and said: “All right, I’ ll be in the goal”? And why did you stay in the goal? Why did you decide to be the backing of your team? Why do you accept that your performance can make the difference in the outcome of a game, positive or negative?

WHY do you need to trust?

There's more than playing football to being a goalkeeper. The decision to stand on the line goes hand in hand with responsibility, self-confidence and a little bit of craziness. While others are celebrating overhead kicks, you’re fine-tuning your technique. While a missed chance in attack is annoying, you decide the game with your saves. While others are throwing their shirts into the kit box, you are already preparing yourself and your goalkeeper gloves for the next match. So why all the extra effort?

WHY do you aim for perfection?

We can only speak for ourselves, but we just love it. Nothing makes us prouder than being the last defender of our team. To steal the ball from a striker in a one-on-one makes us beam with joy. We relish every millisecond we are in the air for a save. We get goosebumps when we hear the sound the grip on our goalkeeper gloves makes when we separate our palms. And we can’t help but we’re glad to be different.

So why are we goalkeepers with every fibre of our being? That’s Y!

Because it‘s the only thing that counts on our position.

The new uhlsport HYPERACT goalkeeper gloves are the symbol of all the effort we put in as goalkeepers. They combine our perfectionism as goalkeepers with the technological perfection of our goalkeeper gloves.

It’s not without reason that uhlsport goalkeepers stand on the line in the best leagues in the world. In the German professional leagues, the first and second Bundesliga, more than half of all keepers – including Oliver Baumann from TSG Hoffenheim, Alexander Schwolow  at Herta BSC and Lukas Hradecky at Bayer 04 Leverkusen – rely on the new HYPERACT gloves. International stars such as Alphonse Areola at FC Fulham and Odysseas Vlachodimos at Benfica Lissabon play with uhlsport Goalkeeper Equipment.

WHY Hyper Act? That’s Y!