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Millions of goalkeepers worldwide put their trust in uhlsport

They are his most important tool and his second skin: a goalkeeper without goalkeeper gloves is unimaginable. And every goalkeeper has gloves that meet his own personal requirements. That was a whole different story in the past. It was not until the early 1970s that goalkeeper gloves slowly became established in professional soccer. Until then, many players played without any gloves. In our online store you will find goalkeeper gloves for men, women and children in many different colors, fits, with and without finger protection and for different grip requirements.

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Goalkeeper gloves were a technical product from the start

And it was always primarily about the grip on the palms of the gloves. Even today, the development of our uhlsport goalkeeper gloves is mostly about the perfect grip. Because one thing is crucial for goalkeepers: how good can they catch the ball. Features that increase the overall comfort such as a comfortable cut, durability on different surfaces such as artificial turf, natural grass or also "ash pitch" and even finger protection are downstream aspects.

We at uhlsport are among the pioneers in goalkeeper gloves for men, women & children.

In the past we have patented significant innovations that have helped uhlsport goalkeeper gloves to become the high-tech products they are today. In our store you will find gloves suited for wet or dry weather, for different surfaces and for your own personal playing style as a goalkeeper, children's goalkeeper gloves, women's goalkeeper gloves and men's goalkeeper gloves. We have the right glove for every goalkeeper.

Individual goalkeeper gloves

Do you want more protection for your fingers as a goalkeeper? Or do you feel more comfortable with supple, flexible gloves? Do you want your catching area to be as large as possible, or do you prefer to buy tight-fitting goalkeeper gloves for a better feel for the ball? What are your design preferences? Do you like bright colors? They should distract the strikers and make your job as a goalkeeper easier. But we also have classic styles in our range. Black and white, or in signal red for instance. The technically modernized new edition of the uhlsport classic is also available in our goalkeeper glove store.

How much do good goalkeeper gloves for men, women and children cost?

Parents or Keepers can find goalkeeper gloves for kids like the STARTER SOFT, all-round gloves like the ABSOLUTGRIP or equip ambitious goalkeepers with our top models like the SUPERGRIP+ for instance from €17.99 to €159.99. Have goalkeeper gloves printed with your name - no problem at uhlsport. In our goalkeeper glove store you can personalize your goalkeeper gloves and have them printed with your individual name. Once you have received your delivery from uhlsport store official quickly and with free shipping for orders over 99€ within Germany you will want to try them out in the game right away.

Pro tip: How to activate of goalkeeper gloves

After buying your goalkeeper gloves and before using them for the first time, you should activate tehm by washing them. This removes production residues from the goalkeeper glove and activates the adhesive foam. To do so, place the goalkeeper gloves in clear water, in a sink for example, for two to three minutes. Once the gloves are really wet, wring them out. Work your way from the fingers down the middle of the hand to the bandage. Why should you do this? Like this  you prevent the Velcro or other hard parts from damaging the adhesive foam on the palm. Repeat the whole process and let the gloves dry out afterwards. When drying your goalkeeper gloves, avoid direct sunlight and heat. So do not put them on a heater or near a window, because the latex as a natural material could become porous and brake. We recommend to simply hang the gloves on a clothesline hanging on the the strap or just lay them side by side.

And after the game? Simply throw the goalkeeper gloves dirty as they are into the sports bag? Please don't. Please remove most of the dirt directly in the shower or in a sink with your fingers. Do not put the gloves in the washing machine. For a perfect result spray them with the uhlsport Goalkeeper Gloves Cleaner from our Goalkeeper Shop and then rinse them in clear water. Thats how you increase the durability of your uhlsport goalkeeper gloves by a lot!

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