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Gift Vouchers

Conditions for gift vouchers bought on

1. Redemption

Gift vouchers bought on can only be redeemed on They are not redeemable on other websites on which we are represented. Gift vouchers can only be redeemed using the regular form. The gift voucher from can only be redeemed once and cannot be combined with another voucher at the same time. After the voucher has been redeemed, another voucher can be redeemed.

2. General Information

For the redemption of the gift voucher, the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of apply, which are available on A voucher with a voucher code generated specifically for you cannot be cancelled or revoked.

3. Restrictions

Gift vouchers bought on can only be redeemed on Subsequent crediting of a gift voucher is not possible. The balance of a gift voucher will neither earn interest nor be paid out in cash. Gift vouchers or gift voucher credit cannot be paid out in cash, topped up, transferred for value, offset against outstanding receivables or transferred to another customer account. Resale of gift vouchers is also not permitted. Gift voucher codes, gift vouchers or bonus points cannot be combined.

4. Liability and risk of loss

In the event of spelling mistakes in the email address of the voucher recipient, assumes no liability. Likewise, assumes no liability for loss, theft, misuse or delayed transmission (e.g. due to technical difficulties) of gift vouchers.

5. Fraud

In the event of fraud, attempted fraud, or suspected other illegal activity in connection with a gift voucher purchase or redemption, is entitled to close the relevant customer accounts and/or demand an alternative method of payment. There is no entitlement to activation or payment of affected vouchers.