Flex Frame

uhlsport FLEX FRAME – ultra flexible finger protection for goalkeeper gloves

The uhlsport FLEX FRAME technology is a particularly flexible construction for goalkeeper gloves with fingersave. The ergonomic design combines a large degree of flexibility with the highest safety factor. This frame technology with finger protection for the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger gives above all a lot of freedom for catching and gripping movements and at the same time prevents the fingers from twisting. Thanks to the combination of innovative materials, goalkeeper gloves with FLEX FRAME finger protection thus provide the greatest possible support needed for a safe goalkeeping game.

uhlsport FLEX FRAME CARBON – the barely noticeable fingersave with lightweight construction

The uhlsport FLEX FRAME CARBON finger protection is an ultra lightweight further development of the FLEX FRAME. The basic construction is similar in both systems and protects all fingers apart from the thumb. The difference lies in the material composition, because the FLEX FRAME CARBON is reinforced with carbon fibers. This new finger protection technology is hardly noticeable, gives maximum finger stability even with the hardest shots and allows unrestricted catching mobility.

The best finger protection for goalkeeper gloves

Finger protection, fingersave or frame – no matter what you call it, it is important that the hand and fingers are stabilized. Especially with goalkeeper gloves for children, the purchase of finger protection models makes sense to protect the hands from injury. When choosing the right design, it also depends a lot on personal preferences and your own feeling. So that every goalkeeper gets the protection with which he feels comfortable, you will find in the uhlsport shop, in addition to the uhlsport FLEX FRAME technology, two other finger protection variations: the uhlsport BIONIKFRAME models and the uhlsport SUPPORTFRAME collection – both with extra options for four or five finger protection elements per hand.

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