Brand Identity

uhlsport is proud to behave independently, defying conventional thinking. We are a brand for people who are of an independent mind and who have a deep and powerful emotional attachment to football. uhlsport is a brand for the global football community. Our actions will reflect this and bring us closer than we have ever been previously to our target groups. We are proud to be of independent mind, always striving to be closest to our customers, our players and our business partners. Proximity is the roof under which all other values stand shoulder to shoulder.

uhlsport does things differently and is a performance brand for individuals who share that vision. uhlsport is a courageous brand which believes that it is better to ‘live a day as a lion than a life as a sheep’.

uhlsport is not a giant brand - and it doesn’t ever want to be one. Our size allows us to be accessible and close to our community of stakeholders. We are a brand for those people who really care about football.

This positions uhlsport as a football brand of and for the 21st century. One that is competitive, that develops technology for a reason, but one which is also contemporary and aware of the impact on the environment.

uhlsport is a brand which connects with modern Germany. To be German is important to us. We believe in the perfect symbiosis of function and design, we think we should always try to protect the environment, we are proud of our heritage and we also think it’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves every now and then! We are proud to be a German player in the global market; unconventionally German perhaps, but still German and still proud.

In uhlsport’s case the brand is exclusively about football, its focus is exclusively on football, the day begins and ends with football. To emphasise the roots and heritage of the brand it is only natural to use German. FUSSBALL is pure and authentic.

uhlsport of Germany

uhlsport FUSSBALL - A brand from Germany.

We stand by our roots. They make us what we are. A medium-sized German football brand from the South-West of Germany.

We think being German brings an obligation. In many ways. From the high standards we demand from our products to our responsibility towards society and the environment to our own sense of respect and a positive attitude to our identity.

We are German. We might not be typically German. But we’re glad to be German.

Dictionary German

 Garden gnomeGartenzwerg[ˈɡaʁtn̩ˌʦvɛʁk]
 Hefeweizen beerHefeweizen[ˈheːfə ˈvaɪ̯ʦn̩]
 Cuckoo clockKuckucksuhr[ˈkʊkʊksˌʔuːɐ̯]
 GoodbyeAuf Wiedersehen[aʊ̯f ˈviːdɐˌzeːən]
 We take actionWir tun was[viːɐ̯] [tuːn] [vas]
 We love grassWir lieben Gras[viːɐ̯] [ˈliːbən] [gʀaːs]
 Thank youDankeschön[ˈdaŋkəʃøːn]
 Black ForestSchwarzwald['ʃvaʁtsvalt]
 North SeaNordsee['nɔʁtzeː]
 A beer pleaseBitte ein Bier[bɪtə] [aɪ̯n] [biːɐ̯]
 I love youIch liebe dich[ɪç] [ˈliːbə] [dɪç]
 Gingerbread heartLebkuchenherz[ˈleːpˌkuːχənhɛʁts]