uhlsport 2023 TEAMWEAR Catalogue

GOALKEEPER SPECIALIST AND TEAM SPORTS EXPERT! uhlsport is the origin of our efforts, ideas and creations in team sports. The brand, which started developing leather studs for football shoes in 1948 in Swabia, now presents itself with an international image. uhlsport is known and seen all over the world – and not only at club level in football. We are particularly famous for our technologies and developments in the goalkeeping world. uhlsport is a goalkeeper specialist and team sports expert. Everything that counts on the pitch and in the penalty box, everything that makes a team, is combined by the brand: trust, courage and the constant drive for improvement. Not just to play, but to be amongst the best. More about uhlsport , our vision and our products: www.uhlsport.com Aim high. Be part of the best. uhlsport of GERMANY 6