uhlsport 2023 TEAMWEAR Catalogue

ADDGLUE GLOSSARY FOR THE PLANET Our goal is to support athletes whiteh our products. Fibre by fibre, we look at everything in detail and are constantly improving the sustainability of our range. It is our duty to use natural resources wisely in order to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. Bambini Kids ADDGLUE The innovative ADDGLUE technology ensures a seamless surface and optimum roundness of the ball thanks to its double adhesive properties. The result: optimum ball control, outstanding flight characteristics, long durability and very low water absorption. SYNERGY are sewn footballs whiteh additional adhesive on the seams and available at two different quality and price levels. THERMOBONDED means seamless thermal bonding of the ball as well as a unique ball design, which has been used in professional football for years. High Air Retention (HAR) PT-32-Technology Butyl Bladder LITE – Lighter than adult balls. FLEXFRAME CARBON – innovative construction in combination whiteh car- bon reinforced fibers for maximum finger stabilization. FLEXFRAME – optimal finger stabilization whitehout restriction of the catch mobility. Innovative materials and ergonomic design. FINGER SURROUND CUT – Combination of inner seam and ergonomic external design provides a tight fit and maximum grip on the ball. CLASSIC – Exterior seam design maximizes the inner hand surface. Sure handedness increases whiteh the contact surface on the ball. HALFNEGATIVE CUT – Interior seam helps create tighter fit and optimal ball control. REFLEX CUT – Interior seam provides skin-tight fit and maximum ball control. SUPERGRIP+ – Ultimate grip for maximum hold and the best possible ball control. ABSOLUTGRIP – Optimal balance between the best possible grip and abrasion resistance. AQUASOFT – Optimal balance between the best possible grip and abrasion resistance in wet weather conditions. AQUAGRIP – Ultimate grip for maximum hold and the best possible ball control in wet weather conditions. SOFT FOAMS Made for all beginners and ambitious amateur athletes. Each latex compound offers a different balance of grip and abrasion resistance. SOFT STARTERSOFT SUPERSOFT RESIST FOAMS STARTER RESIST SOFT RESIST SUPER RESIST ARTIFICIAL GRASS – especially suitable for artificial grass and hard courts. APPROVED – Our shinguards are all CE standard tested. PVC FREE – Our goalkeeper gloves and shinguards are all PVC free. Glossary Bälle Torwarthandschuhe Shinguards 176