uhlsport provides 50% of the goalkeepers in the World Cup's semi-finals

uhlsport provides 50% of the goalkeepers in the World Cup's semi-finals

With an incredible ratio of 50%, uhlsport provides two of the four remaining goalkeepers at the football world cup in Russia during the semi-finals. With Hugo Lloris for France and Danijel Subašic for Croatia, two extraordinary goalkeepers have rightfully earned their places in the semi-finals of the greatest football event in the world.

uhlsport had set out with a total of 15 goalkeepers and the national team of Tunisia, giving it a strong market presence from the very beginning. For the internationally aligned company that sells its products in more than 70 countries, the World Cup in Russia is already a complete success.

You just cannot forecast it at all. However, we did know from the beginning that we equip some very good goalkeepers in some very good teams. Hugo Lloris and Danijel Subašic have rightfully earned their place in the last four teams of the World Cup," says Melanie Steinhilber, managing director of uhlsport GmbH.

The visibility of their bright red goalkeepers' glove family called uhlsport AERORED is outstanding for the medium-sized business from Balingen. In addition to this, the Balingen company is among the few team sports brands world-wide that were allowed to equip a national team.

It is very special for us that we were allowed to equip the Tunisian national team with uhlsport equipment for the World Cup. Only few brands can reach this platform. We are one of only two brands from Germany and a few medium-sized brands world-wide to manage this," Melanie Steinhilber concludes.

Find more information about the uhlsport World Cup goalkeepers and the new AERORED glove series here: aerored.uhlsport.com