uhlsport already World Champion 2018

The goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and Danijel Subašic are wearing the AERORED goalkeeper gloves by uhlsport in the World Cup finals.

Football fans all over the world are looking forward excitedly to the Sunday World Cup finals in Moscow. With France and Croatia contesting in the endgame, there are two teams not all experts had on their top list before the beginning of the tournament. Loud cheers from uhlsport accompany this fixture because both keepers in the finals are wearing the goalkeeper glove top models of the new AERORED collection by the sporting goods manufacturer uhlsport.

uhlsport Managing Director Melanie Steinhilber glees about the finals fixture:

Naturally, we crossed our fingers especially for those teams in which the goalkeepers are wearing products by our company- Hugo Lloris and Danijel Subašic are both exceptional goalkeepers and significantly added to the success of their teams. For us, both these special personalities are World Cup heroes already, no matter the outcome of the Sunday game.”

France’s number 1 Hugo Lloris is record goalkeeper of the French National Football Team. The 32-year-old captain of “Les Bleus” is under contract with the English Premier League in Tottenham Hotspur since 2012. The Croatian goalkeeper Danijel Subašic became first man between the posts in his National Team after the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The 33-year-old plays for the French Premier League AS Monaco since 2012.

AERORED is the goalkeeper glove of the World Cup.

Both keepers are convinced with uhlsport regarding their most important equipment. Lloris and Subašic are wearing different top models of the AERORED goalkeeper glove collection, which both have patented uhlsport self-adherent foam for coating.

No matter the outcome of the World Cup finals 2018: The goalkeeper holding up the most sought-after golden trophy of the world will have worn goalkeeper gloves from Balingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, during the game.

Find more information about the uhlsport World Cup goalkeepers and the new AERORED glove series here: aerored.uhlsport.com

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