As a 'football specialist', we devote ourselves to the needs of football. More information can be found in the technical glossary.



German Technology

As a German company we feel especially committed to technology. We set the highest technological standards, beginning with the initial design concept of each and every product. We believe our focus should always be on ultimate functionality. That‘s why our development team sets clear objectives for every range of items. Our football kit and equipment has to satisfy the highest demands. We leave nothing to chance. All the products which make it into our catalogue each year have come through a strict development process. If at the end of any phase in the development of a product there is no improvement it cannot remain in the development cycle. This highly technological development process is both precise and emotional. Our team of designers and developers put their hearts into every product they work on. And that‘s why our products always perform. The emotional engagement of our team drives them to come up with the unexpected. Again and again. New improvements, innovative patents, strong designs. Finally, far away from our premises, our products receive their baptism of fire. On various playing pitches and in all weathers they are tested, evaluated and - if all goes well - given the go-ahead for sales release. Our pool of quality assurance testers covers the entire spectrum of players, from Bundesliga professionals down to all levels of amateur. Why is that? Because we want to do everything in our power to make sure that only the best possible products find their way onto the market.

Among a great many other criteria, our products are tested in our labs for these key qualities:


  1. Weight of material
  2. Tearing strength
  3. Real world testing
  4. Colour fastness to washing
  5. Durability


  1. Weight
  2. Impact parameters (DAMPING is carried out according to CE standard on site/at supplier or by TÜV)
  3. „Shore Hardness“ of outer shell and foam cushioning

Safety = Our entire line of shinguards meet or exceed the CE EN 13061 standards. But for us it’s indispensable. What this means? The highest level of safety for your shins and for you.