Glove fact file - Cut

360 Wrap

The new 360° wrap grants a maximised catching area and perfect fitting

Classic Cut

Our classic  cut is the embodiment of traditional values. The palm and back of the glove are stitched together along the sides of the fingers. The result? A proven design: classic, comfortable, not too tight and not too wide.

Negative Cut = Tight Cut

In the so-called Negative Cut, the glove is stitched from the left. While the seam still runs along the sides of the fingers, in this cut it does not lie on the outside of the glove, but faces inward. That gives these gloves a tighter fit around the fingers.

Absolutroll Cut

Evolution of the traditional rollfinger! Target: elimination of the negative aspects of the exisiting rollfinger cut whilst keeping the positive elements.

Fingersurround Cut

uhlsport Fingersurround Cut: Innovative combination of inseam cut and Rollfinger palm is wrapped around the finger and connected to the backhand with an inseam. This creates a tight & ergonomic fit for reduced movement inside the glove and safer handling. The extended, rolled sidewalls around the fingers complete with inseam create the largest possible gripping area for outstanding ball control. The pre-shaped fit grants close & direct ball contact for best handling performance.